HR Services for Non-Profits, Inc. - Partnering with charter schools and non-profits for HR solutions
About Us
Welcome to HR Services for Non-Profits, Inc.  Our services are specifically targeted to serve charter schools throughout California and various non-profit organizations.
We understand that charter schools and other non-profits often have limited resources. As such, one resource that is often omitted but still crucial is human resources.   "To date, 12.5% of the over 5000 charter schools founded in the United States have closed for reasons including academic, financial, and managerial problems, and occasionally consolidation or district interference."
Our services provide charter schools and non-profits with the necessary tools to lay a human resource foundation providing value to their employees and helping to ensure overall success through effective human resource integration and management.
Our staff and consultants are dedicated to helping each charter school and non-profit to succeed by establishing and providing human resource solutions, services and consultancy. It is our goal to help your organization reach its potential through human resource/employment compliance, reduced employee turnover, providing solutions for employee benefits, and managing employees effectively.
We invite you to learn more about us and call  310-612-4296 to arrange an appointment to learn how we can be of help to your organization. 
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